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Effective communication is critical to any organization and can help it in many ways. In fact, communication plays a role in structuring organizations, managing teams and building athletes – virtually every aspect of a sports organization. Club, Teams, and members are the key audiences and we believe that all the audience should have clear communication and that is why we have different ways of communicating with club staff and athletes.
As the key audience, you will receive emails, notifications, alerts, reminders, and updates of the membership, programs, and teams. When a member signs up for free membership, changes membership or cancels, we make sure the member is instantly notified via emails. Clubs can create programs and send an invitation for members. New or updated fields and scheduled for practice, events and games are communicated via automated notifications. You can also set reminders and send announcements for the events and games.
You can compose messages and send to members of an organization
Using Thapos messaging feature you can contact your club members instantly via SMS, Email, Notifications and so on.
Step 1: Click on “Messaging”
Step 2: ‘Send Message To’ helps you to message separately depending on the roles of the members.

send message to Athletes
The categories are:

  1. All
  2. Players only
  3. Staff Only
  4. Coaches only
  5. Program registrants

In program registrant option, you can select any program that your organization is conducting and contact them in specific.
Step 3: Subject of the Message
Step 4: Compose the message using our personalized WordPad.
Once you’re done doing all the above, check the check boxes below according to the need.

communication with Organization Memberscommunication with Organization Memberscommunication with Organization Members
And click send.
In case if there is any change in the Schedule, the notification about the change will be sent to the athlete.
Timely reminders and alerts are always there and can be used according to the need.
Any important announcement can also be sent through this instant messaging feature.

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