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The “Match Results” feature gives a clear picture of victories and losses of matches by the team. The matches played are listed with an information of the date, day and time the match has been held including the field details.This is one of the useful pages that you will find as a coach or team lead, you can access overall record of the games in the season, view the list of matches played, results, scores, location and so on. By viewing this page you can easily analyze your team performance and plan for the next game accordingly. If in case the match information is not added accurately then you can edit and write a note in the Match Recap.
In “Match Results” you have two fields 

  • Recent Matches
  • Overall Record

Recent Matches
In “Recent Matches” field, matches which teams had already played will be displayed and you can update the results of the matches.
Updating Match Results: In “Recent Match” field you can see team recent matches and each match has an edit option to update match results. When you click on the edit option a popup appears so that you can provide the details below:
Match Result: You can check one of the three options “WIN”, “LOSS” and “TIE” depending on the result of the match.
Match Score: You can enter the scores of the match and get more insight about the scores of each player, the specific scores of each sport. 
Match Recap: In “Match Recap” you can add a recap of the match which includes data of place where the match has been held and players who have played well. 
Save and Cancel: Click on save if you want the change to be made or click on cancel. 
After you update your match results you can see the result below the match details. In case your team won the match, it shows “Win” or if your team loses the match, it shows “Loss” or if it a tie it shows “Tie”. It also reflects in the “Overall Record” field.
You can add pictures of the match by clicking on the camera icon.
Overall Record: After updating the matches results in “Recent Matches” field, It reflects in “Overall Record” with the number of Wins, Losses, and Ties.