Member Sales

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Member sales feature allows you to keep track of the shop items sold through a referred member. 


If you are not part of an organization or a guest who wants to buy items that the organization offers, you cannot buy items without a membership. However, you can do so through your contact, who will give you a buy link. Then you can select and pay for anything from the items available in that organization. This transaction will be recorded under the organization member from whom you got the link. 


Note: You can share this link using a wide range of platforms as shown below. Clicking on the orange plus icon will display more options to share the link.


To access this feature,  you have to click on ‘Payments’ from the left-hand side menu from the organization area. Then, navigate to the ‘Member sales’ option. 

You will find a list with all the personnel that has sales registered under their name. 

You will be able to find the following properties for each member.


Referred member name: The member’s name under whom the sales are generated.


#sales: Indicates the number of sales generated under a member’s name or a referred member. 


Total revenue generated: Indicates the net sum of all sales, The amount of money generated in all under a particular member’s name.

You can also search for a particular name using the search bar provided. 


Note: Upon hovering your cursor on the ‘actions’ icon, you can ‘View member sales.’


Note: You can also manage items/item lists from the grid icon on the top right corner of your screen. Clicking on this will redirect you to the shop module. In addition to this, you can manage placed orders. 

You can view a particular member’s sales by clicking on the member name or the ‘View member sales’ option from the actions menu. 


Now, the feature will display the list of sales under the referred member.

The four tabs on top will display the following properties.


Total sales:  Indicates the number of sales generated under a member’s name or a referred member. 


The total amount receivable: Indicates the total amount receivable for the sales made.


The actual amount paid:  The actual net amount paid by the guest or buyer.


Amount to be collected: The amount yet to be collected.

You can also export member sales summary or member sales all orders from the download icon provided on the top right corner.  


The list will contain the following details in the detailed order summary:

  • In addition, each transaction in the list can be identified with an ID number. 

  • The name of the referred member under Order By.

  • The name of the item purchased under Item Name.

Note: You can click on any item to go to the items page on the shop module.

  • The number of units purchased under Quantity.

  • Date of the order placed under Ordered On.

  • The price of the item.

  • The amount paid by the guest.

  • The Convenience Fee on the purchase.

  • Whether it is paid for fully or partially or has not been paid yet under Payment Status.


Note: You can find a dropdown menu at the top to change the member detailed order summary displayed. You can choose between all the names present in the member sales list and view the corresponding sales. 


Note: You can find a list icon on the top left corner to go back to view all member sales from the detailed order summary page.


Note: You can only share links for online store items and sponsorship items. You cannot share links for donations. 


Note: You can also view all items available to you by clicking the grid icon on the top right corner upon which you will see the following dropdown. You will be redirected to the ‘My’ area All available items.