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The ‘Templates’ feature helps you find and use standard pre-written templates or create a set of common messages which you can use while composing messages or replies.

You can access this feature by clicking on ‘Message’ from the menu on the left in the organization area. Then scroll to find the ‘Templates’ tab.

Message > Templates.

Templates can make your life easy. For example, as an organization staff member, you might have to send similar messages to your registrants most of the time. Therefore, having a set of pre-written standard messages can prove to be a gamechanger. You can also edit these templates each time you load them up to send someone.

The default templates will be available once they are loaded. To load the templates, click on Load Default Templates. 

While composing a message, you can insert these templates using the ’Load subject and body from a template’ dropdown.

Default templates

Sportsplus provides 12 default message templates, which you can choose from the Message Templates dropdown and customize as required. You need to activate these templates before you can use them.

The following picture displays the message templates page after the default templates have been loaded.


Adding a new template

Click the green plus icon and enter the following details.

·     Template Name: Enter a relevant name for the template, as you can use it to identify the message it contains.

·     Message body: Conveniently enter the message, insert images, and apply various formatting options.

· Click Save to add the template.

Viewing/Updating a template

· To view or update any template, click on the pencil icon beside the template’s name.

· Conveniently edit/update the template as required.

· Click on Update to save the changes and stay on the same page or click on Update & Return to save the changes and return to the template list page.

· All the changes made will be immediately reflected.

Deleting a template 

Click on the red bin icon beside the pencil/edit icon to delete the template.

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