General Settings

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Website General Settings allows you to configure the basic website settings, such as the template, display layout, widgets, social media links, and many more.


This allows you to manage the following settings.

  • Website template:
    • SportsPlus provides a set of system-defined templates, which you can apply to your organization’s public website. Once a template is saved, it will be immediately reflected on the public website.

Note: Changing the templates do not have any impact on the published information.

  • List page display layout:
    • The list pages are the system-provided pages having multiple rows of information, such as staff members, divisions, documents, courts, programs, schedules, sponsors, teams, etc. For all these pages, you can choose how the information should be displayed to the public visitors.
    • For example, if you have selected the display layout as Grid – 2 items, then the information on the fields web page will be displayed as shown below.
  • Max. items to display in widgets:
    • It shows the maximum number of items that will be displayed in every widget.
    • For example, suppose there are five news related content items in your organization and you have selected the maximum number of items to display in the widget as two. In that case, the news widget will display only two news-related content items with a high priority.
  • Archived content display status:
    • Select whether to show or not to show the list of content items that are marked as archived on the public website content pages. If selected to show, then they will be displayed under the archives section.
    • For example, suppose there is an archived article in your organization, and you have selected not to display the archived content, then the article will not be displayed on the website.
  • Social media share options on content pages:
    • Select whether you want to allow or restrict the visitors from sharing the content published on your organization’s public website on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. 
    • For example, suppose you have published an article on the public website and have allowed sharing content on social media, then social media platform related share icons will be displayed at the end of the article.
  • Practices on the organization calendar:
    • Select to display or not display all team practice schedules on the organization calendar, along with matches and events.

Note: This setting does not affect the team calendar. You can still view the list of practices on the team calendar.

  • Sponsors display order:
    • Here you can display all the organization sponsors and specify how you want to display them on the public website.
    • Choose priority, to always display in the same order with higher priority showing before the lower priority. Choose random, to display in a random order every time so that all sponsors will have an equal chance.
  • Website footer text:
    • The text entered here will be displayed in the footer of all website pages as a second line.
  • Google analytics code:
    • Paste your own Google Analytics tracking code here, which will give you complete access to all your public website web analytics.

Note: This feature is available for paid account users only.

After making the changes, click on Save. Your settings will be saved and are immediately reflected on the organization’s public website.