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Billing and Pricing Plan:


You can find billing details of the organization registered with SportsPlus. You can click on Plan & Pricing to view new plans and choose plans per your requirements.

  • Account Status: Your account status will appear depending on the following condition:
    • All Good- This status is displayed if the organization is premium without any due payment.
    • You are on 14-day trial- If the organization is on trial and trail expire date is same or before today date.
    • Your trial period expired- If the organization is on trial and trail expire date is after today date.
  • Pricing Plan: Displays the existing pricing plan and expiry date.
  • Next Payment Amount: The next amount due is displayed, this field will not display the sum of missed or partial due from the past.
  • Due on: Displays the due date on which the payment must be made.
  • Enter Payment Details to keep account active: When clicked  Organization Management Plan Subscription page appears where you can renew or choose a new plan and make payment accordingly with your Credit/Debit card along with billing address.
  • Payment history: Displays the history of all previous transactions.