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Manage all public website pages, including both the system provided pages and user-added pages. Add new web pages and update the properties of existing web pages. Currently, only the user added web pages could be deleted.

As you see in the screenshot,

  1. The list of the system-provided pages and user-added pages in a tabular format.
  2. You can sort the list either in ascending or descending or alphabetical order by clicking on the column labels like page name, included content, and widgets on the left and right sides.

The following page properties are presented in a tabular format.

  • Page Name: The name/title of the web page. 
  • Included Content: The published content item that is included in a user-added webpage. 
  • Is Private?: The availability of the web page to the public users. 
  • Widget Left?: The permission to add widgets on the left section of the web page. 
  • Widgets Right?: The permission to add widgets on the right section of the web page. 
  • In Sitemap?: The availability of the webpage under the sitemap of the organization’s website. 
  • Update Date: The date on which the page was created/updated. 
  • Actions: Hover the cursor to view the options to update the Webpage Properties, Webpage Design, and Delete the Webpage (only for the user-added webpages).

Adding a Webpage: 

To add a webpage, click on the plus icon located at the top-right corner, and enter the following details.

  1. Page Name: Enter the name of the web page.
  2. Include Published Content:
    • Select and include the content that is already published. The body content of the selected item will be inserted into this page’s body.
    • To add new content, click on the Plus icon. You will be redirected to the Publish >> Content page. For information on how to publish content, click here.
    • The included content will be displayed on the body of the web page.
  3. Page Description: The meta description for the page. This text is not directly displayed on the page for the users, but it is used by the search engines and other applications to learn more about this page.
  4. Priority: Priority tells the importance of a web page. When presented as a list, higher priority web pages are displayed ahead of the lower priority webpages.
  5. Is Private: Make a webpage private to make it not available on the organization’s public website. It’s good to make the page private during the page’s development when it is not fully ready for the public.
  6. Allow Widgets on the Left Section: Choose to allow or not allow adding widgets on the left section of the webpage. The webpage has 3 sections – left, center, right.
  7. Allow Widgets on the Right Section: Choose to allow or not allow adding widgets on the right section of the webpage. The webpage has 3 sections – left, center, right.
  8. After entering the details, click on Add. The web page will be created and can be accessed immediately.

Updating the properties of a webpage 

To update a webpage, hover the cursor over the three dots under the Actions column.

Click on the Update Webpage Properties link to update the web page’s properties. Click on the Update Webpage Design link to update the design of the webpage. 

  • On clicking the Update Webpage Properties link, a popup window will be displayed on the screen to update the Page name, Page description, Priority, Page visibility & Widgets on the left and right section of the webpage.
  • For the user added web pages, you can update the included content using the drop-down.
  • For the list pages, you can update the layout of the information displayed on the web page. (List pages are the system provided pages that will have multiple rows of information, such as age groups, board, divisions, documents, fields, gallery, programs, schedule, sponsors, staff, teams.).
  • You can choose to display or not a link of the web page in the website sitemap page in the update window.
  • After making the changes, click on Update. Your changes will be saved and are immediately reflected on the public website.
  • On clicking the Update Webpage Design link, you will be navigated to the Design Webpage.


  • To remove the included content from the user-added webpages, select the blank top row from the dropdown.


The page allows the following operations.

  • Syncing new system provided webpages: At regular time intervals, SportsPlus rolls out new system pages for your website, which you can get by clicking on the Sync icon located at the top-right of the page.
  • Deleting a Webpage: To delete a user-added webpage, hover the cursor on the three dots under the Actions column, and click on the Delete Webpage link.

Note: You may not be able to delete a user-added web page linked to the website menu header. To delete the linked web page, remove the web page from the header menu links, and then delete the web page.