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“Learn How to View & Manage All Your Organizations”

The ‘Organizations’ page will display the list of organizations in which you have registered as a member (both as an athlete & staff member). If you are a member of more than one organization, then the page allows you to easily switch between your organizations.

How does ‘Organizations’ Page Look Like?
Following is the sample screenshot of the ‘Organizations’ page.

  • In the above screenshot, ‘SKIP academy’ is your default organization. It means for every login into the Thapos application, you will be automatically landed in the ‘SKIP academy’ organization.
  • If you want to change your default organization, then click on the Switch button located next to an organization.
  • If you are an athlete in an organization, then click on the  icon to leave the organization.


  • Although you can be a member of multiple organizations, you can choose to make anyone organization as your default organization.
  • You may not be able to leave an organization, where you are assigned to any of the staff member roles (For example, ‘SKIP Academy’ & ‘SG Sports League’ from the above screenshot).

How to Reach the ‘Organizations’ Page?
Following are the steps to get to the ‘Organizations’ page.

  1. After logging in to the Thapos application, ensure that you’re in the Organization area.
  2. Click on My from the left navigation menu.
  3. Click on Organizations.