Design Webpage

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Update webpage properties and the design of the webpage.  Add widgets to the page—update page layout and properties.

Following is the sample screenshot of the design webpage.

As can be seen above, the page is divided into two columns-

  1. The left column is the design area, where you can change the web pages’ design by adding, re-arranging, and removing the widgets.
  2. The right column is the webpage preview area, where all your applied changes will be displayed immediately.

The public URL of the web page is displayed at the top-left corner. Click on the URL to open the webpage in a new tab.

Web Page Types

There are two types of web pages-

  1. System Provided Webpages: These are the pre-defined web pages provided by SportsPlus, which you can customize but cannot delete. For example, programs, staff members, articles.
  2. User Added Webpages: These are the custom web pages that can be added/created by you or any of your organization staff members. You can delete the user added web pages.

Adding a Web Page

To add a new web page, click on the green plus icon located at the top-right corner of the design area, and enter the following details.

  • Page Name: Enter the name of the web page.
  • Include Published Content:
    1. Select and include the content that is already published. The body content of the selected item will be inserted into this page’s body.
    2. To add new content, click on the Plus icon. You will be redirected to the Publish >> Content page. For information on how to publish content, click here.
    3. The included content will be displayed on the body of the web page.
  • Page Description: The meta description for the page. This text is not directly displayed on the page for the users, but it is used by the search engines and other applications to learn more about this page.
  • Priority: Priority tells the importance of a web page. When presented as a list, higher priority web pages are displayed ahead of the lower priority webpages.
  • Is Private: Make a webpage private to make it not available on the organization’s public website. It’s good to make the page private during the page’s development when it is not fully ready for the public.
  • Allow Widgets on the Left Section: Choose to allow or not allow adding widgets on the left section of the webpage. The webpage has 3 sections – left, center, right.
  • Allow Widgets on the Right Section: Choose to allow or not allow adding widgets on the right section of the webpage. The webpage has 3 sections – left, center, right.
  • After entering the details, click on Add. The web page will be created and can be accessed immediately.

Note: If you have already added widgets on the left or right side of the web page and later updated not to Allow Widgets on the Left section or Right Section, then the existing widgets will be deleted automatically.


  • Adding Widgets to a Web Page: The list of widgets added to a web page is displayed on the left side of the design area, as shown below. 

To add a widget-

  1. Select the relevant page from the web page drop-down.
  2. Choose the type of widget you want to add.
  3. Click on the name of the desired widget.
  4. Click on the section where you want to add the widget on the web page.
  5. The widget will be added and is immediately reflected on the web page.
  6. To change the position or remove a widget, hover the cursor on the blue gear icon located at the widget’s top-right corner.

Note: On any web page, you can add up to 15 widgets for the entire page. 

  • Updating a Web Page: To update an existing web page,