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Message To Teams

Message to teams allows you to compose and publish a promotional or motivational message for the teams in your organization. The message you entered here will be presented to the team members when they log into their account and access the team. If the team is public, it will also be presented on the organization’s public website’s team page.

Where will this message be displayed?

The message will be displayed at the top of all your team’s home page in the team portal. 

Publishing the message

To publish the message, enter the following details,

  • Audience: Select the type of audience you want the message to be published to. You can choose between,
    • All teams of the organization.
    • Any specific sports team (for example, All Basketball teams)
    • All teams in a  division (for example, All  division one teams)
    • All teams in an age group (for example, All under 14 teams)
  •  Rich Text Editor:  Publish a nicely formatted message, including.
    • Enter the text in the editor.
    • You can also insert links, images, and media files in the message.
    • Use text formatting options as required.

Click on Save to publish the message.

The message will be immediately published to all the targeted team members.

Updating the message

To update the published message, you can directly make the changes to the audience type and/or the message content, and once you’re done, click on the Save button.

The newly made changes will be immediately reflected in all relevant areas.

Deleting the message

To delete the published message, click on the Clear button and confirm the action The message will be immediately deleted from all relevant areas.

Currently, only one message can be published at any one time.

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