Website Settings

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The website settings is where you can configure, customize, and manage your organization’s website for public access.


If you are a first-time user, then the website is in the deactivated state, and you can activate it by clicking on the message The website is not yet activated for your organization as shown below.

  • To activate the website, click on Activate Website, which makes it available to access publicly.
  • Once the website is activated, you can-
    • Map your existing domain
    • Customize the visual settings, header links, and security-related settings
    • Visit the website
  • Domain nameAll organizations with a premium account can connect their domains to the website for no extra cost. For more information on domain mapping, please contact our technical support team.
  • Synchronize and activate new website pagesSportsPlus rolls out new system pages for your website at regular time intervals, which you can get by clicking on the Add New System Provided Pages option located on the bottom.
  • Visit websiteTo view your organization’s public website, click on the Visit Website option located on the bottom-left corner.
  • Deactivate websiteAt any point in time, if you want to take your organization’s website offline (unavailable to the public), then click on the Deactivate Website option located on the bottom-right corner.
  • To take back the website online (available to the public), click on the Activate Website button.

Note: Deactivating the website will not reset any settings and does not delete the information published on the website.