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“Learn How to Manage Your Organization Member Access Profiles”
The ‘Access Profiles’ page helps you to configure and manage access profiles for your organization staff members to access the different areas of the Thapos application. Access profile allows admin to restrict access to certain areas of the application. For example, the role of an accounts manager is to take care of the all your organization financial details, so as an admin you can assign the Accounts access profile to the accounts manager which allows access only to Registration, Payments & Billing areas.

  Where Can I Assign Access Profile to a Staff Member?
You may assign access profile to the organization staff members under the Manage >> Staff Members page, by clicking on the R (update roles) icon.

  How ‘Access Profiles’ Page Looks Like?
Following is the sample screenshot of the ‘Access Profiles’ page.

  List of Access Profiles
The page will display

  1. All access profiles listed in a table format.
  2. The most recently created/updated profile is displayed at the top of the list.

  Sort the List as Required
You may sort the list either in ascending order or descending order by clicking on the column labels, such as Name, Description, Access Areas, and Update Date.
For example, click on the name label to sort the list by name in an alphabetical order, in either ascending order or descending order.

  Access Profile Properties
For each access profile, the following properties will be displayed.

  1. Name: The name of the access profile. Name is mandatory and should be unique.
  2. Description: Detailed information about the organization areas that are allowed to be accessed.
  3. Access Areas: The list of left menu navigation areas that will be allowed to access.
  4. Update Date: The last updated date.
  5. Actions: Options to update & delete the access profiles.

  Adding a New Access Profile
To add a new access profile, provide the name and description. Then select all areas that you want to allow. Then click on Add.

  Updating an Access Profile
To update an access profile, click on the  icon located under the actions column of the access profile. After making necessary updates, click Update to save the changes.

  Deleting an Access Profile
To delete an access profile, click on the icon located under the actions column of the access profile and confirm deletion.
Note: You cannot delete an access profile, which is linked to the organization staff member(s). In order to delete it, first unlink the access profile from each member it is assigned to and then delete it.

  How to Reach the ‘Access Profiles’ Page?
Following are the steps to get to the ‘Access Profiles’ page.

  1. After logging in to the SportsPlus application, ensure that you’re on the Organization area.
  2. Click on Super Admin from the left navigation menu.
  3. Click on Access Profile.