Mobile Release Notes – Oct 17th, 2022

SportsPlus mobile app is released today with the following enhancements. It is now available on the App store and Play store. Enhancements to view and manage notifications received. Easy access to register for programs, place shop orders, reserve facilities, and cancel facility reservations. Enhanced messaging,

Release Notes – July 5, 2022

WHAT’S NEW? The association staff can unpublish the programs published to the clubs from the Registration > Programs > Program show Page > Manage publishing to clubs page. The organization admin can Set default player availability settings for all the newly created teams from the

Release Notes – June 14, 2022

WHAT’S NEW? The association-generated club games are displayed on the club calendar inside the application and the public website. Multiple slots for multiple days can be reserved for a single facility during the reservation.   Enhanced presentation on the following areas. Organization Dashboard > Summary chart

Release Notes – May 24, 2022

UPDATES The organization staff can  Re-load all the deleted system default message templates from the Message > Compose Message and Templates areas. Update the registrant responses for the conditional custom fields entered during the program registration process from the Registration > All Registrations > View

Release Notes – May 3, 2022

WHAT’S NEW? The organization admin can Customize the table columns and default sorting option on the Registration > Programs page. Manage the location of the workflow diagram on the module overview pages from the Org Settings > Misc Settings page.  The organization staff can  Delete

SportsPlus Release Notes – April 12, 2022

WHAT’S NEW? The organization admin can allow/restrict the organization members from making reservations on the closed facilities from the Org Settings > Facility page. The organization staff can  Resend program registration confirmation/notification message to the registrants and assigned org staff from the Registration > All

SportsPlus Release Notes – March 22, 2022

WHAT’S NEW? The organization admin can show/hide the volunteer tasks menu item on the My area from the Org Settings > Privacy Settings page. The organization staff can clear the payment details of the manually updated payment records for the program registrations and the placed

SportsPlus Release Notes – March 2, 2022

WHAT’S NEW? The organization admin can  Choose whom to notify about the RSVP updates by the game officials from the Org Settings > Schedule page. Enable the Favorites option for all the organization staff members from the Org Settings > Misc Settings page. After enabled,

SportsPlus Release Notes – February 7, 2022

WHAT’S NEW? The organization admin can  Enable schedule notifications and RSVP options for the game officials from the Org Settings > Schedule page. The assigned game officials will be notified about the game schedules when enabled. In addition, they can update their availability from the

SportsPlus Release Notes – January 10th, 2022

WHAT’S NEW? Provided a new payment gateway, ‘Peach Payments’ for the organizations located in the South African region. The organization admin can configure the Peach Payments gateway and start collecting online payments for the player registrations only.  The organization admin can show or hide the