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“Learn How to View & Manage Your Program Registrations”

The ‘Registrations’ page allows you to view & manage all your registrations for the various programs of the organization. The page also helps you to view & keep a track of the program registration status of your family members.

How does ‘Registrations’ Page Look Like?
Following is the sample screenshot of the ‘Registrations’ page.

Registrations List
The page is segregated into 2 tables to distinguish between the registrations for you and your family members.

  1. The first table will show your registrations.
  2. The second table will show all the registrations for your family members.
  3. The most recent program registration will be displayed at the top in both the tables.

Sort the List as Required
You may sort the list either in ascending order or descending order by clicking on the column labels, such as Registration Date, Program Name, Start Date, End Date, Total Fee, and Registration Status.

For example, click on the program name label to sort the list by name in an alphabetical order. However, clicking on the name of any program (under your program registration list) will open the ‘program view’ page.

Registration Properties
For every program registration, the following properties will be displayed.

  1. Registration Date: The date on which you/family member has registered for the program.
  2. Program Name: The name of the organization program.
  3. Start Date & End Date: The start & end dates of the program.
  4. Total Fee: The total fee for the program.
  5. Registration Status: The current program registration status, which will be represented using the following three colors.
    1. Red- Indicates that the registration is not complete and the registrant has exited on the ‘Parent Info or Athlete Info’ page.
    2. Orange- Indicates that the registration is not complete and the registrant has exited on the ‘Waivers or Offers or Review & Confirm’ page.
    3. Green- Indicates that you/family member has successfully completed the program registration.
  6. Actions: It displays the following actions available based on the program registration and payment status.
    1. Apply Discount- You may apply a discount code available to you to avail any promotional offers.
    2. View Registration Info- You can view the program registration details
    3. Delete- Click on the  icon to delete the registration.


  • If you have an incomplete registration, then you may click on Resume Registration link to continue with your program registration.
  • If any of your family members has an incomplete registration, then a text saying Incomplete Registration will be displayed.
  • The actions column will be available only for your program registrations. You will not be able to perform any kind of actions on the family member registrations. To perform actions on the family members, switch to a family member account using the family member drop-down menu in the header.

How to Reach the ‘Registrations’ Page?
Following are the steps to get to the ‘Registrations’ page.

  1. After logging in to the Thapos application, ensure that you’re in the Organization area.
  2. Click on My from the left navigation menu.
  3. Click on Registrations.