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Learn How to Manage the Social Media Profiles of Your Organization”
The ‘Social Media’ page helps you to configure and manage the various social media profiles of your organization, which can be presented on various pages and widgets of the organization public website.

  How ‘Social Media’ Page Looks Like?
Following is the sample screenshot of the ‘Social Media’ page.

  Page Operations
The ‘social media’ page allows you to manage the following details.

  1. Facebook: Enter the organization Facebook profile URL. Example:
  2. Twitter: Enter the organization Twitter profile URL.
  3. Google+: Enter the organization Google+ profile URL.
  4. Youtube Channel: Enter the link to your organization youtube channel.
  5. Instagram: Enter the organization Instagram profile URL.
  6. Youtube Video: Enter the link to your organization youtube video.
  7. LinkedIn: Enter the link to your organization linkedin page.

Click Save to save & apply the settings.

  How to Reach the ‘Social Media’ Page?
Following are the steps to get to the ‘Social Media’ page.

  1. After logging in to the SportsPlus application, ensure that you’re in the Organization area.
  2. Click on Super Admin from the left navigation menu.
  3. Click on Main Settings and then click on Social Media tab.