Placed Orders

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The ‘Placed orders’ Allows organization staff members to access and manage all the orders placed by the organization members.

These orders have been placed by the members by accessing the shop or even during the registration process. Learn more about the ‘Shop’ feature from here. (Include link)

You can navigate to this page from the Organization area. Next, click on Payments from the navigation menu on the left. Now, click on Placed Orders.

On the top, you have the search option to find any particular order conveniently.

You can also filter the list using the ‘Filter By’ option, in which you can either filter by the item/ list or filter by payment status via corresponding dropdowns. 

You will also find a reset button on the right-hand side.

You can easily export this list to your local device by clicking on the export to a file option.

You can view the essential information for each member, such as the ID, Item Name, Ordered by, Quantity, Order date, Due date, Price, and Paid Amount, and the organization staff can update the status of a payment. 

ID: A unique identification number for that particular order.

Item Name: The name of the item. 

Ordered by: The name of the customer that has placed the order.

Quantity: The number of units purchased.

Ordered on: The date on which the order was placed.

Price: The value of the item purchased.

Paid amount: The amount already paid by the customer.

Payment status: The status of payment. It can be paid fully, waived fully, waived partially, or not paid.

Actions: A menu will be displayed with the following options where you can modify the order and payments.

Note: You can also get a refund for the payment. However, this option is only available if the payments are made online.

Update Payment: This option will display a pop-up tab with options to waiver or modify payment for that particular order. 

Update Order: This option enables you to change your previously placed orders. You can change the parameters given for that particular item, such as size, color, and quantity.

Program payments: This option will redirect you to the ‘Update payments’ page.

Send Message: This option allows you to send messages to the registrant that has placed the order regarding any essential information from the organization about the order.

Delete Order: This option allows you to delete the order. In addition, you can confirm and delete the order.

You can expand any particular order by clicking on the arrow icon on the left-hand side of the order tab. This will expand and display order specifications like color, size, or payment information.

Note: The clear payment option is only available for offline payments.

The order ID will display a pop-up tab with order and payment information. You can also choose to print this tab in pdf format using the print icon on the top right corner of the pop-up tab.

Clicking on the Item name will redirect you to the Item summary page in the organization area.

You will be able to find a grid icon that will display the following menu. Each option will redirect you to the corresponding feature page like the shop, Programs, or the custom web page.

And to the left top corner, you can also track the total number of orders.

The Placed orders feature can help track all orders conveniently and in one place, making it a handy tool for the organization staff.