• The team program registrants can register multiple teams to multiple team programs at a single time.
  • The team staff can add players without providing their email addresses.
  • The tournament operators can
    • View the name of the teams registered for the tournaments on the Registration > All Registrations page.
    • Remove a registered team from the Tournament on the Tournament Details > Teams page.
    • Update the payment details of the teams registered to the tournament from the Tournament Details > Teams page.
    • Send a message to the team members participating in the tournament from the Tournament Details > Overview/Teams/Schedules and Message > Compose Message pages.
  • Scores for the tournament pool play and bracket games are displayed on the Tournament Details > Schedules page, both inside the application and the organization’s website.
  • Enhanced UI/UX on the following areas
    • Schedule List page both inside the application and on the website.
    • Member Overview > Assign to Team modal window.
    • Payments > Update Payments > Payment Details modal window.
    • Payments > Placed Orders page and Shop > Item > Order Summary page.
    • Registration > All Registrations > Athlete/Team/Tournament Registration Info page.
    • Team registration notifications, which is sent to the assigned organization staff members.


  • The game officials are displayed on the organization Schedule List page. 
  • The organization staff members with restricted access are represented with a lock icon on the Manage > Staff Members list page and Member Overview page.
  • The team players’ date of birth is displayed on the Organization > Teams > Roster page (View mode).
  • Fixed team display issues on the Tournament Details > Teams page.
  • Fixed issues while saving the tournament pool play schedules.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.
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