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SportsPlus Release Notes – Apr 10, 2020

sportsplus release notes Oct 13


  • The organization staff can force the registrants of the monthly payment programs to enroll for the auto-payments during the registration process. Based on the due date, the payments will be collected automatically.
  • The players when registering for the monthly payment programs can enroll for the auto-payments.
  • The organization admin can view and export the discount usage report for the items ordered, from the link available under the Grid icon on the Shop > Discounts page. 
  • The team color applied by the organization staff is displayed in the following areas.
    • League Auto Scheduler
    • Tournament/Playoff Bracket Generator
    • Tournament/Playoff Bracket Show Page
  • The organization staff can select the payment status while refunding the online payments.
  • A mini navigation menu bar is displayed upon collapsing the left navigation menu across the organization, team, and my areas.
  • A setting has been provided for the organization admins to allow/restrict to save the schedules when there are conflicts detected on the Org Settings > Schedule tab.
  • The organization staff can 
    • Reset the team color to the system default from the Team Info tab available on the Manage > Teams > Team Show page. 
    • Manage to display shop discounts to public users.
    • View the list of conflicts detected during the league schedule generation process.
  • When the user’s registered email address gets bounced back, then an alert message is displayed on the following areas, allowing the user to correct the email address.
    • Organization Dashboard
    • My Dashboard
    • Message > Inbox


  • The Organization admin settings which are available under the Org Settings > Defaults tab are moved under the Org Settings > General tab and the tab name Defaults is renamed to Schedule.
  • Fixed payment status issues based on the due date for the unpaid registrations.
  • Fixed performance issues while adding or updating the schedules.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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