sportsplus jun mobile app release notes


  • The organization staff can 
    • Add new installment to the multiple installment programs even after the registrations have started. 
    • Collect pre-installment for the monthly payment registrations. 
    • Copy the games, practices, and events from the organization Schedule list page. 
    • Uncancel the practices and events from the organization Schedule list page.
    • Delete the games by clearing the scores of the games in bulk. 
    • Send messages in bulk to all the members with overdue payments of program registrations and item orders.
    • Copy the existing league/season and create a new league/season with the same details.
    • View the list of upcoming schedules by applying the filter provided on the Today’s tab of the Schedule List page. 
  • Provided admin settings to 
    • Allow or restrict updating the past games.
    • Display the list of past schedules w.r.t number and duration.
  • Provided widgets for the future canceled schedules.
  • The users can view the details of the order items that are placed during the program registrations. 
  • Provided schedule show pages on the website to show the schedule details.
  • League standings can be exported from the website. 
  • The users can include emoji symbols in the following areas.
    • Publish > Content > Description
    • Program > Description
    • Tournament > Description
    • Messaging 
  • Enhanced UI/UX in the following areas.
    • League scheduler flow
    • Add/Update Schedule page in the team area. 
    • Player registration info page.


  • Provided multiple time zone support.
  • The message recipients will be retained after adding an attachment and/or saving the message as a draft.
  • Addressed organization staff role-based actions in multiple areas.
  • Moved Access Profiles under the Super Admin to Super Admin > Org Settings area.
  • Modal windows can be closed by pressing the ESC key.
  • Enhanced navigation for the organization schedule > send message option.
  • Fixed issue on the online store and sponsorship website pages.
  • Fixed multiple registrations and payment related issues.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.
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