Release Notes

SportsPlus Release Notes – April 23rd, 2021


  • The organization admin can control to allow or restrict the organization staff to function as a team staff from the Org Settings > Team Settings page. When allowed, the organization staff can access the team portal even if they are not part of the team.
  • The organization staff can
    • Choose to close/open, inactive/active, and delete a complex alone or with all its associated fields from the Manage > Fields List Page.
    • Specify a document that can be collected by the users during the field reservation process from the Manage > Fields > Field Show Page > Reservation Controls tab.
    • View/manage the list of complexes that a field is a part of, from the Manage > Fields > Field Show Page > Overview tab.
  • The tournament operators can
    • Update details of the teams participating in the tournament from the Tournament Show Page > Teams tab.
    • Choose the fields based on a complex during the tournament pool schedules and bracket schedules generation process.
  • Provide new Google font styles for the public website. The organization staff can apply them from the Website Admin > Website Settings > Visual Settings page and Publish > Content > Add/Update Content page.
  • The organization members can search for the fields available for the reservation based on the date and time, from the My > Access > Reservations > Reserve a Field page.
  • When the program registration program status is set as ‘Opens on Start Date’, then the status will get automatically updated to ‘Open’ on reaching the registration start date.
  • Provided a new website page ‘Reserve a Field’, which allows the users to search and reserve the fields based on the date and time.
  • Enhanced UI/UX on the Manage > Fields List page.


  • Fixed display issues on the public website area.
  • Fixed duplicate issues in the tournament pool play standings.
  • Fixed printing issues for the pool play tournament schedules.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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