Release Notes

Release Notes – Mar 24th, 2018


  • Introduced a new feature to register multiple family members to multiple programs during program registration.
  • The users are now allowed to get unsubscribed from the organization communications.
  • A new set of preferences are introduced for the program registrations.
  • Provided a new feature to add summary for the organization content and display it on the organization website.
  • The team staff members are now allowed to create match notes for the team players.
  • Introduced a new feature to export the organization athletes.
  • Organization setup wizard is now added for the new organization signups.
  • Provided a new feature to block the organization communication.
  • The organization staff members can now send messages with the sender details as the organization name & email address.
  • A new option is introduced to display the organization sponsors in the website header region.
  • Provided a new website page to display the organization team standings.
  • Enhanced the online & offline payment preferences for the organization programs.
  • The staff members are now allowed to update the scores for past league matches.
  • Provided new website widgets for the latest news (summary & body).
  • Added new player pages and enhanced club pages of Lacrosse, Rugby, Track & Field, Swimming, and Cycling.


  • Allowing users to add end-time for the organization and team matches.
  • Allowing to edit the organization links & sponsors.
  • Enhanced the organization signup process.
  • Allowing the users to clear the selected dated in the organization programs.
  • Enhanced the organization team update page.
  • Displaying the latest twenty practices on the team availability page.
  • Enhanced the registrations export feature.
  • Included organization header & footer for the team emails.
  • Sending detailed authnet transaction email reports.
  • Enhanced sports web app static pages presentation.
  • Enhanced presentation of sports quotes.
  • Enhanced club feartures page.
  • Fixed bulk game upload issues.
  • Fixed various presentation issues.
  • Fixed various payment & registration issues.
  • Implemented various presentation changes.

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