Release Notes

Release Notes – Oct 16th, 2018


  • Implemented WePay payment gateway for Canada organization members.
  • Organization staff members can assign teams to the athletes on athlete member activity page.
  • Organization staff members can simply upload exported data of athletes, games, and fields.
  • Organization members can see detailed schedule info by clicking the id on schedules list pages and can perform multiple actions.
  • Provided an option to reset the communication header and footer in organization communication preferences.
  • Now Organization’s can prevent overlapping field reservations.
  • Organization staff members can see the coach feedback on athlete member activity page.
  • Added a facility to customize the display of custom widget title and border.
  • Now organization staff members can delete the field reservations on the field reservations list.
  •  Allowing the organization members to update gallery properties in publish gallery page.


  • Enhanced the presentation and navigation usability in super admin module.
  • Enhanced the presentation & navigation of message module.
  • Various bug fixes in registrations, payment and order items.
  • Fixed various discounts and schedule issues for the organization members.
  • Fixed filtering issues in team update and assign athletes to team pages.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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