sportsplus release notes Oct 13


  • The organization admin can allow/restrict the team staff from updating the team players’ date of birth from the Org Settings > Team page.
  • The public tournament operators can 
    • Open/close the team registration program pricing packages from the Registration > Program > Fee, Discounts, Payment Plans page. 
    • Lock the roster of all the teams participating in the tournament from the Tournaments > Pool Play Tournament > Teams page.
    • Create multiple brackets under one pool.
  • Enhanced UI/UX in the following areas.
    • The website home page of the teams participated in the pool play tournaments.
    • Pool play tournament show pages on the organization’s website (mobile view).
    • Add an existing team modal window on the Tournaments > Pool Play Tournament > Teams page and Manage > Age Groups show page.
  • The organization staff can
    • Define the priority and public accessibility of the tournaments from the Add/Update tournament page.
    • Choose up to 20 game start time preferences in the league auto-scheduling, tournament bracket creation, and pool play generation process.
    • Update the teams on the Review and Confirm page in the league auto-scheduling flow.
    • Choose to collect the convenience fee for the programs after opening the registrations.


  • Fixed multiple issues in the add/update/listing of the organization staff members.
  • Fixed game standings issues.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.
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