Release Notes

Release Notes – Nov 16th, 2018


  • Provided payment report charts on payment reports page.
  • Allowing organization members to see payment records for retired programs on the payment reports page by displaying retired programs in the programs drop down.
  • Allowing organization members to customize ‘must-pay’ online payment option for the order items on the order item lists.
  • Displaying order id on the member orders and allowing the members to see the order details.
  • Now displaying member orders on transaction info model window.
  • Allowing users to export discount usage report.
  • Providing sent message delivery accuracy on the sent message list & show pages with respect to the delivery.
  • Allowing organization members to create practices in bulk, similar to other bulk operations.
  • Added visualization diagrams in the static pages for the orders, registration, publish & website admin areas.


  • Enhanced payment update actions to mouse hover menu in all the payment related pages.
  • Enhanced organization team update and assign players & staff to team pages with respect to UI.
  • Enhanced presentation of payment reports summary.
  • Enhanced registration more info floating window by displaying payment records.
  • Enhanced UI & UX on the schedule, manage & website admin related areas.
  • Enhanced left navigation menu in my & team areas.
  • Enhanced athlete[my] dashboard.
  • Enhanced bulk upload feature to upload the maximum of 500 records at a time.
  • On bulk upload, we are not allowing more than 100 athletes to a team when there are already 100 records.
  • Enhanced member orders update actions to the mouse-hover menu.
  • Fixed installment due reminders delivery and multiple registration & payment issues.
  • Fixed organization event create and update issues.
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes.

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