Release Notes

Release Notes – Jan 11th, 2019


  • Allowing Members to pay the family members program payments & ordered items without switching to their account.
  • Family max. Discount is calculated based on the program fee and registration/administrative fee.
  • Now we are allowing only premium teams based on the organization plan.
  • Allowing organization staff to allow/restrict online ACH payments on payment processing page for the Wepay users.
  • Allowing organization staff to customize displaying the standings for a selected division by providing a checkbox on the add & update pages.
  • Allowing organization users to delete a field reservation when it is overlapped with the existing schedules.
  • Displaying member avatar on multiple places like member activity, my page and membership card…


  • Enhanced organization signup work flow with respect UI & functionality.
  • Now we are displaying pre-registration info on program registration parent info page.
  • Now displaying complete payment summary on program registration review & confirm page.
  • Enhanced organization athlete dashboard, registration and payments block presentation.
  • Enhanced left navigation menu for organization athletes.
  • Waived fully & waived partially installment fees are not included in payable’s/receivable amounts on payment reports page.
  • Enhanced UI for message templates create and list pages.
  • Enhanced UI for sponsors for organization athletes.
  • Enhanced content and links pages with respect to UI.
  • Enhanced category page by allowing to manage the list of programs and content items included.
  • Fixed multiple issues in registrations exported data.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the bulk athletes and games upload.
  • Fixed multiple mobile view pages issues for organization athlete.
  • Fixed double click issues for my area.
  • Fixed multiple production and functionality issues.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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