Release Notes

Release Notes – Jan 31st, 2018


  • Introduced a new feature to view step-by-step registration status of the program.
  • Enhanced team admin feature to define default player availability status.
  • Added a new option to send notification whenever the team player availability status is changed by team staff.
  • Provided feature to customize organization website visual settings.
  • Added organization privacy settings.
  • Added various content pages for organization & website.


  • Enhanced organization messaging presentation.
  • Enhanced team availability & attendance presentation.
  • Enhanced organization website widgets page.
  • Enhanced website design page.
  • Enhanced presentation of program public show page.
  • Enhanced program registration process.
  • Implemented programs visibility for an athlete based on eligibility.
  • Fixed various registration and usability issues.
  • Fixed various security issues.
  • Fixed mobile app issues.
  • Various presentation changes and bug fixes.

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