Release Notes

SportsPlus Release Notes – October 8, 2021

  • Changed the wording Pay offline to Pay later in the Registration > Program > Add & Update Program pages and in the program registration process.
  • The organization admin can
    • Allow or restrict the organization staff from updating the past practices and events from the Org Settings > Schedule Settings page.
    • Choose to force the program registrants to enter the pay later(Offline Payment) instructions when they opt to pay later during the registration from the Org Settings > Registration Settings page.
  • The organization staff can 
    • Register a player to a program by selecting the fee packages.
    • Update the program fee details even if registrations are associated with the one-time and multiple installments programs from the Registration > Programs > Program Show page > Fee, Discounts, Payment Plans tab.
    • Upload a background image for the extended website footer from the Website Admin > Website Settings > Visual Settings page.
    • View and print either the front view or back view or both front & back views of the member cards from the Manage > Athletes & Parents and Staff Members pages.  
  • The team staff can 
    • Choose to send a notification message while assigning the volunteer tasks to the team members from the Team Portal > Volunteers page and/or Team Portal > Schedule > Schedule Show page.
    • Create new or update the existing albums to private, which no longer will be displayed on the website.
    • Update the hours performed for volunteering tasks of a team member for the completed schedules from the Team Admin > Volunteers Report page.
    • View the consolidated report of all the volunteering tasks performed by a team member from the Team Admin > Volunteers Report page.
  • The tournament operators can
    • Generate the double-elimination tournament brackets for 32 teams.
    • Choose to generate tournament brackets for the teams from multiple pools under the same age group from the Tournaments > Add & Update Tournament pages.
    • View the bracket criteria based on which the tournament bracket has been generated on the Tournament > Tournament Show page > Schedules tab.
  • While creating the schedules, the Track Availability option can also be used to track the availability of the staff members. The availability status of the staff members can be viewed from the Team Portal > Availability area.
  • During the field reservation process, the users can reserve multiple time slots for a single day.
  • Enhanced UI/UX in the following areas. 
    • Athlete Info and More Info pages in the player program registration process.
    • The Assign players, parents, and staff members’ floating window is displayed on the Teams > Assign Players page.
    • The steps for adding widgets to the website pages on the Website Admin > Design Webpage area.
    • All the buttons and icons displayed on the website.
  • The registration details (registrant name and team name) for the team programs are displayed on the Program Registrations website page. 
  • Fixed age group/division dropdown filter issues on the Website > Team Rankings page.
  • Fixed the image stretching/shrinking issue on the website header background.
  • Fixed issues while changing the program payment types.
  • Fixed minor security issues in the organization area.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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