Release Notes

Release Notes – Aug 09, 2019


  • Organization summary is graphically presented on the organization staff dashboard.
  • On the programs list page, all active programs are categorized based on the registration status.
  • The organization staff with the role ‘Junior Clerk’ & above can
    • Change the program registration status from the Registration tab of the program show page.
    • Specify up to 5 documents (that can be collected from the athletes during the program registrations) from the Actions tab of the program show page.
  • Changed the design of the form buttons throughout the application.
  • All newly added/created teams by default will be in the playing stage.
  • The organization staff with the role ‘Junior Clerk’ & above can send welcome messages to all team members from the Roster tab of the team show page.
  • Based on the roster limit defined under the Privacy & Security tab of the organization team show page, the org staff members are allowed/restricted to add members to the roster in the following pages.
    • Org > Team Roster
    • Teams > Assign Players & Staff to Teams
    • Athlete & Staff Member Activity Page > Assign to Team
    • Tools > Upload Athletes


  • The auto-scheduler functionality is stabilized.
  • Enhanced the presentation of the message recipients in the Org Compose Message page.
  • Enhanced the presentation of the left navigation pane in the Org, Team & My areas.
  • Enhanced the presentation of the Org Discount List & Show pages.
  • Enhanced the presentation & text of the Org Welcome Message.
  • The count of the records & search option is provided in the Auto Payments page.
  • Enhanced UI/UX in the following areas.
    • Publish
    • Manage
    • Items/Orders
    • Message
    • Website Admin
    • My
  • Fixed issues related to the expand/collapse icon on multiple list pages.
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements.

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