Release Notes (Apr 02, 2021)


  • The organization admin can
    • Control all the organization teams by specifying what operations the team members (team staff, players, parents) can perform in the team app (both web and mobile app) from the Org Settings > Team Settings page.
    • Choose the target audience for displaying the Member Dashboard Primary Link from the Org Settings > Misc Settings page.
  • The organization staff can
    • Add a sports complex with one or multiple fields/locations from the Manage > Fields page.
    • Assign a staff member to a field/location from the Manage > Fields > Field Show Page > Reservation Controls tab, who will receive all the reservation-related notification messages.
    • View/manage the list of fields/locations associated with the custom fields from the Registration > Custom Fields Show page.
    • Delete a program with all its associated references (registrations and payments) from the Registration > Programs > Program Show page.
    • Add all types of widgets (except slideshow widgets) to the extended website footer from the Website Admin > Design Web page > Design Footer page.
  • On issuing a refund for the field reservation online payments, the users will be notified with an automated refund message.
  • The tournament operators can
    • View a detailed payment report for the tournament from the Tournament Show page > Report tab.
    • Print/view all the tournament schedules based on the field/complex from the Tournament Show page > Schedules tab (both inside the application and on the public website).
  • Enhanced UI/UX on the following areas 
    • Manage > Fields > Field Reservations List page
    • Programs List page on the public website


  • Fixed issues in the program update.
  • Fixed the account connectivity issue for the Instagram widget.
  • Fixed data display issues on the Public Website > Tournament Show page.
  • Fixed text overlapping issues on the Weather widget.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.
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