Release Notes

Release Notes – Nov 30th, 2018


  • Implemented practice conflicts in team with respect to other schedules in organization and team.
  • Allowing to change the position of the widgets (up-to-down & down-to-up) on the website builder page.
  • Provided an option to filter teams based on divisions in the website standings page with respective to the standings availability.
  • Provided schedule filter by age group and divisions for all the organization and website schedule pages.
  • Allowing organization staff to clear late fee for paid and underpaid payments in the update payments, member activity and view registration info pages.
  • Organization subscription status is now displayed on the organization dashboard for the trial and expired accounts.
  • Displaying content update date on all content related webpages.


  • Enhanced registration confirmation email and online message for multiple programs/multi-kid registrations.
  • Enhanced website standings display with respective to the standings availability.
  • UI & UX enhancements in the following areas,
    • Organization manage – staff & teams pages.
    • Organization my – all pages.
    • Team & my schedule.
    • Organization- programs list & show pages
  • Fixed logo and sponsors display issues in the various website pages.
  • Fixed time display issue in all the message related list pages.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the program and registrations areas.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the auto-scheduler.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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