Release Notes

Release Notes – Apr 26, 2019


  • Implemented a new feature to generate double elimination tournament/playoffs brackets.
  • The organization staff members can now add google analytics tracking code for the public website.
  • Implemented set-based standings for the bocce sport.
  • Provided an option for the organization staff members to customize the time frame for sending the payment due reminders.
  • Duplicate player records identified by the same name, dob & gender are now indicated with an exclamation icon in the member activity page.
  • The organization staff members can now create games for the teams of a particular age group & division.
  • A refund confirmation email for the online transactions made through wepay will now be sent automatically to the users.
  • When communicated from the organization & team messaging areas, the sender details are now automatically displayed at the end of the message.
  • On all the schedule-related areas, organization staff members are restricted to perform actions on the games that are associated with the tournament/playoffs bracket.
  • Validations are now implemented when trying to delete the discount & tournament registration programs.
  • On the public website, a link has been provided in the tournament show page to view the generated tournament/playoffs bracket.
  • Provided an option for the organization staff members to manage the open/close status of the available orders, online store, sponsorship and donations.
  • Added a show page inside the application to view the tournament registration details.
  • The organization staff members are now allowed to update the sport & address of the staff members.
  • Provided an option to print & export the team roster volunteers report.
  • Provided an option to multi-delete the organization gallery items.
  • Allowing the organization staff members to filter the placed orders based on the retired item lists.
  • Allowing to sort the players in the team roster page based on the last name.
  • Provided an option to print the program registrations.


  • Enhanced player stats feature & fixed multiple issues.
  • Enhanced contact support on multiple pages.
  • Enhanced payment reports records display with respect to due dates.
  • Enhanced team pictures area in terms of UI & provided options to update & delete the albums & pictures.
  • Enhanced team schedules & my schedules area by allowing to filter the schedules based on the ‘event type’.
  • Enhanced field reservation details modal window & reservation receipt in terms of the UI.
  • Enhanced the presentation of the account settings, account preferences & change password pages.
  • Enhanced message inbox header across all the areas by making it fixed on the page.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the single elimination tournament/playoffs bracket feature.
  • Fixed multiple SEO & 404 issues.
  • Multiple enhancements and bug fixes.

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