Release Notes

Release Notes – Aug 27th, 2018


  • Allowing program registrants to adjust their payable installments while registering for a program on review and confirm page.
  • Allowing organization staff members to send messages to selective organization staff.
  • Organization member can see the total number of records for every list page.
  • Organization staff member can now see late fee and convenience fee amounts in all payment related list pages.
  • Allowing organization staff to update payment records in member activity page.
  • Program registrants can see their program payment details in the “program registration info” page.
  • Organization athletes can now see upcoming schedules on their dashboard.


  • Improved usability and presentation for team update page.
  • Improved usability and presentation for the program registration process.
  • Improved user experience for the post-registration process.
  • Improved user experience in all payment pages.
  • Enhanced usability and presentation for the discounts page.
  • Enhanced multi-family discount feature.
  • Late fee will be applicable only on program fees.
  • User interface updates in the website admin, super admin, schedule, publish and manage modules.
  • Fixed multiple issues on program registrations and payments.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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