Release Notes

Release Notes – Jun 7, 2019


  • Provided an option in the program show page (actions tab), which allows the organization staff to manage whether to collect or not the players’ pictures & supporting documents during the player registrations.
  • Based on the program show page >> actions tab settings, the players during the program registration will be allowed to upload their pictures & documents.
  • Whenever the online payment is failed during the player registration (for the programs that allow online payments only), the registrants are now allowed to continue the registrations offline.
  • The reason for the failed online payment during the program registration is now captured and displayed in the unpaid registrations area.
  • The organization staff is now allowed to update all the future games of a league, season and tournament from the schedule area.
  • Allowing the organization staff to update the team scores & standings from the update scores tab of the team workflow.
  • The organization staff is now allowed to update the season type for the past games, only when the scores are not entered/updated.
  • Provided a new standings order preference named ‘score differential’.
  • A set of new team related settings have been added in the website settings area, which allows the organization staff to manage the accessibility of various team pages on the public website.
  • Taking the total number of players in a team into consideration, the count of the players based on their ages is now displayed in the team report.
  • Allowing the organization staff to export both the active & retired programs.
  • The organization admin(s) is now allowed to upload digital signature of their authorized signatory from the super admin >> miscellaneous area.
  • Provided a new setting in the website security area, which allows the organization staff to hide the team staff contact details on the public website.
  • The organization staff is now allowed to uncancel/undo the cancelled games from the schedule area.
  • New visualization diagrams are implemented on the static pages of the payments, publish, message, orders & website admin areas.
  • Provided an option to filter the games based on home or away, both inside the application and on the public website schedule list pages.


  • To avoid duplicate tournament registrations, the list of tournaments is now displayed on the multiple registration pages based on the tournament end date.
  • Schedules of each family member is now displayed separately in the My >> Schedules area.
  • Allowing to multi-delete the organization gallery items.
  • Allowing to print schedules from the website schedule calendar & list pages.
  • Implemented the fixed header in the Update Payments area.
  • More filter options are provided in the organization program list page.
  • Provided security for the forming team schedules by not displaying them on the relevant areas.
  • The organization published links are now displayed for the athletes.
  • Team Report is now available during all the three stages of the team workflow.
  • The organization staff description is now displayed in the staff members list page & member activity page.
  • Provided a common list page to display all the organization leagues, tournaments and seasons.
  • Enhanced organization Super Admin >> League Settings area and also displaying the standings associated with the seasons.
  • Provided role-based security in the multiple organization areas.
  • Enhanced team standings functionality and applied multiple bug fixes.
  • Multiple bug fixes in the schedule conflicts display in both the organization & team areas.
  • Multiple bug fixes in the program registration functionality.
  • Enhanced UI/UX in the following areas:
    • Compose Message
    • Player Membership Card
    • Organization Schedule List
    • Team Workflow
    • Website Settings
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements.

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