Release Notes

Release Notes – Feb 26th, 2018


  • Introduced a new feature to define access profiles for the organization staff members.
  • Provided an option to update the access profiles of the organization staff members.
  • Introduced a new feature to post coach/staff feedback to the athletes.
  • Athletes are allowed to view the feedback of the coach/staff members.
  • Added a new page to view & update the payment status of the member order items.
  • Provided a new feature to add user-defined web pages in the website header settings.
  • A new feature to add multi-family members (child users) to the athletes (parent users) is introduced.
  • Provided a new feature for the registration of the athletes multi-family members (child users).
  • Athletes (parent users) are now allowed to reset the password of the child users.
  • Provided widget for contacts.
  • Staff members are now allowed to register the athletes for the organization programs.
  • Introduced a new page to update the member information of the staff members & athletes.


  • Enhanced Organization Athletes List Pages Presentation And Added Filter Options.
  • Enhanced All Website Pages Presentation.
  • Enhanced Program Registration Process And Navigation.
  • Enhanced 5 sports club/league feature pages.
  • Displaying Order Items In Review & Confirm Page and Registration Info Page.
  • Enhanced Teams, Registration & Payments Show Page.
  • Enhanced Organization Left Navigation.
  • Added Few More Demos On Org Demos Page.
  • Enhanced Item Order Pages.
  • Enhanced Member Order Items Page.
  • Bulk Upload Enhancements And Bug Fixes.
  • Bug Fixes In Payment Reports.
  • Fixed Various Registration Issues.
  • Fixed Various Website Issues and Navigation Issues.
  • Various presentation changes and bug fixes.

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