sportsplus release notes


  • The PayPal payment gateway is now available on a limited basis.
  • The organization admin can integrate the PayPal payment gateway and start collecting online payments for 
    • Program registrations
    • Item orders
    • Field reservations
  • The public tournament operators can 
    • Define the tournament type from the Super Admin > Org Settings > Tournament page.
    • Choose to lock or unlock all team rosters and allow or restrict all teams from accessing the tournament schedules from the Tournament > Overview page. 
    • Choose to display or not display the pool play and bracket schedules on the organization calendar and schedule list pages.
  • The organization admin can specify who can control the member profile data from the Super Admin > Org Settings > Privacy page.
  • The organization staff can
    • Assign the tournament type from the add and update tournament pages.
    • Submit requests to map either an existing domain or purchase and map a new domain from the Website Admin > Website Settings > Website Domain page.
    • Allow or restrict a member from controlling his/her member profile from the Manage > Athlete or Staff Members > Member Overview page.
  • Provided a new website page ‘Team Rankings’, which will display the team rankings based on the tournament bracket standings.


  • Provided header menu on the website team pages.
  • Fixed bracket update & field display issues.
  • Fixed team roster performance issues.
  • Fixed 504-page timeout issues in the league auto-scheduler.
  • Fixed program discount redemption limit issues.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.
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