Release Notes

Release Notes – Nov 07th, 2017


  • Implemented sponsors in organization.
  • Added new payment gateway ‘’.
  • Implemented Links feature in organization to save useful web links.
  • Enhanced match schedule to create schedule for 2 teams instantly.
  •  Enhanced order item list pages.
  • Implemented item orders in “My” section for organization members where you can see member ordered items.
  • Allowing organization members to place an order in order items.
  • Implemented pages feature which allows organization staff to add information about the organization.
  • Implemented league and tournament feature which allows member to create league and tournament.


  • Enhanced public organization pages.
  • Enhanced navigation of public organization pages.
  • Enhanced organization staff and athlete roles.
  • Enhanced organization documents.
  • Added teams and board members in public organization pages.
  • Enhanced organization private pages navigation.
  •  Allowed to update teams sport.
  • Fixed various bugs and issues.
  • Various presentation changes.
  • Fixed various security issues.


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