Release Notes

Release Notes – Sep 8th, 2018


  • Enabled payment refunds for payments via WePay.
  • Allowing organization staff members to delete multiple schedules in a single action.
  • Allowing organization staff members to copy fields.
  • Allowing organization staff members to customize the number of records to be displayed on the athlete’s list page.
  • Enhanced UI presentation on the message, payments and my areas under organization.
  • Allowing organization staff members to send a notification when the payment is updated.
  • Added new web pages for organization partners & associations.
  • Added a new page for organization team staff.
  • Allowing organization staff members to add iframe based banner in organization visual settings.
  • Upcoming organization schedules of match officials are displayed on their dashboard.
  • Added more help text to the registration module.


  • Enhanced registration payment process for WePay users.
  • Enhanced monthly payment process for program registrations.
  • Enhanced presentation of unpaid registrations.
  • Enhanced program create & update with date validations
  • Enhanced team roster data presentation issues on the website.
  • Added more navigations to opt-in & out for text messages.
  • Enhanced organization signup process for existing Thapos users.
  • Enhanced presentation for all modules across the application.
  • Enhanced schedule events display in the calendar (iCal, Google) after export from Thapos application.
  • Enhanced member email address presentation across the application.
  • Enhanced login security to the members.
  • Enhanced athletes list page presentation and filter options.
  • Enhanced create/update category.
  • Enhanced custom fields presentation on the athlete registration info page.
  • Fixed performance issues in team update and payment reports.
  • Fixed payment reports page data display issues.
  • Bug fixes in payments and registration.
  • Bug fixes in bulk upload athletes and games.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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