Release Notes

Release Notes – Mar 12th, 2018


  • Introduced a new feature to add multiple family members during the program registration process.
  • Provided an option to display the member orders on the member activity page.
  • Introduced a new option to add instructions to the default order items in the order item lists.
  • The organization staff members are now allowed to order items for the organization members.
  • Provided a new feature to update the order quantity & order instructions in the member order items.
  • The organization members are now allowed to order items from my orders page.
  • Provided new website widgets for Announcements, Articles, Policies, and Stories.
  • Added a new page providing the detailed summary of each organization areas.
  • Enhanced the view of the organization staff dashboard based on the relevant access profiles.
  • Introduced a new feature to preview the changes of the website page design.
  • Provided an option to view the retired programs.
  • A feature to upload games in bulk quantity is introduced in the organization area.
  • Introduced a new feature to export the member order items and all registrations.
  • Provided security settings for team messaging, which will allow/restrict the players and parents to send messages.
  • The organization staff members are now allowed to view more information about the player registration on the team update page.
  • Provided security settings for organization teams, which will allow/restrict the staff members to add players/staff/parents to the team roster page.
  • Added a new page for online registration features.
  • Added new player pages and enhanced club pages of Golf, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Cricket, and Hockey.


  • Enhanced organization athlete navigation.
  • Enhanced organization athlete access.
  • Fixed various usability issues in programs & registrations.
  • Fixed payment report issues.
  • Various bug fixes & presentation changes.

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