Release Notes

Release Notes – Feb 07, 2020


  • The organization staff with the role ‘Junior Clerk & above’ can
    • Create discounts for the order item lists.
    • Create a copy of an existing team from the Manage > Teams List & Team Show pages.
    • Set the team text color from the Manage > Teams > Team Show page. Based on the defined team color & team text color, the team schedules are displayed on the calendar page of the organization’s public website.
    • View the list of staff members based on the member roles from the Manage > Staff Members page.
    • View the list of parents added to the organization from the Manage > Athletes & Parents page.
    • Define the time limit for updating player availability for the schedules from the Manage > Teams > Team Show Page > Privacy & Security tab. 
  • The organization staff can collect online payments for the field reservations.
  • The organization admin from the “Org Settings > Teams tab” can manage permissions for the team players & parents to upload pictures and resources to the teams. 
  • The organization members while placing orders can apply coupon code on the review & confirm page to avail discount.


  • Enhanced the process of adding athletes and staff members in the organization area.
  • The schedule end time is displayed on the organization calendar pages, both inside the application and on the organization’s website.
  • The slideshow related widgets are allowed to be added only once on a single web page.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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