Release Notes

SportsPlus Release Notes – June 25, 2021


  • Provided a brand new layer on top of the existing three layers  Organization, Team, and My, which allows an association to manage multiple organizations under one roof.
  • The organization staff can
    • Add a program with grades as the eligibility criterion for the players to register. 
    • Add custom fields with the type checkbox & text and radio button & text from the Registration > Custom Fields > Add Custom Field page. These fields can be later attached to programs and fields to collect detailed information from the registrants during the program registrations and field reservations.
    • Choose the website header menu alignment from the Website Admin > Website Settings > Visual Settings page.
    • Delete the league and season referenced to the past schedules and standings from the Schedule > League/Tourney/Season list page.
  • The organization admin can
    • Set the default sort option for the member details (First name & Last name) that are displayed on multiple list pages from the Org Settings > General Settings page.
    • Set the roster limit for all the teams from the Org Settings > Team Page.
  • The organizations with the WePay payment gateway can choose to allow the ACH and/or credit/debit payment methods from the Super Admin > Payment Processing page. 
  • Provided Giropay payment option for the organizations with the Stripe payment gateway. This payment option is available in the program registration, shop, and field reservation areas.
  • Provided a website page ‘Program Registrations’ that displays the list of the player, team, and tournament registrations. 
  • The registrants can apply discounts while registering to the 
    • Multiple programs at the same time
    • Multiple tournaments at the same time
  • Enhanced UI/UX in the following areas.
    • Fields page on the website
    • Pool play tournament > fields page on the website


  • The public programs with the registration status as ‘Opens on – registration start date’ are displayed on the programs page of the website. These programs will automatically open the registrations on the start date.
  • For the free registration programs, the payment step will not be displayed in the registration process.
  • Fixed asynchronous data loading and saving issues across the application.
  • Fixed pool play tournaments standings drag & drop issues.
  • Fixed the Instagram widget image loading issue.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

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