• The association staff members can
    • Publish programs to the clubs under it, from the Registration > Programs > Program Show page > Registration Controls tab. 
    • View the report of the total registrations received and payments generated for the programs that are published to the clubs.
  • The organization admin can choose the standings’ display on the website either by division or age group from the Org Settings > Standings page.
  • The organization staff can 
    • Share the available shop items with their friends and family members to place orders as guest users. 
    • View the report of all the member sales and revenue generated from the Payments > Member Sales page.
    • View the list of archived content items by clicking on the “Manage Archived Content” link under the Grid icon on the Publish > Content List page. 
    • Change the height of the extended website footer from the Website Admin > Website Settings > Visual Settings page.
    • Delete a shop item with references like item lists, placed orders, and payments from the Shop > Item > Item Show page.
    • Delete a shop item list with references like items and payments from the Shop > Item Lists > Item List Show page.
    • Delete a division associated with teams, referees, facilities, schedules, and standings from the Manage > Divisions > Division Show page.
    • Delete an age group associated with teams, schedules, and standings from the Manage > Age Groups > Age Group Show page.
    • Delete the past game schedules with scores and standings from the Schedule > Schedule List > Past Schedules page.
  • The team staff can manage the default game lineup from the Team area > Roster Page.
  • Enhanced UI/UX in the following areas
    • My > Payments & Orders page.
    • Social media icons on the website.
  • The organization staff member can view the list of athletes who have subscribed to the organization emails and text messages from the Manage > Athletes & Parents > Athletes page.
  • Fixed image loading issue in the Instagram widget.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.
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