Release Notes

Release Notes – Feb 12th, 2018


  • Introduced a new feature to view the member teams, registrations, and payments at one place.
  • Added a new feature to retire a program.
  • Provided an option to add order items to the organization program.
  • Introduced an option to purchase order items during the program registration.
  • Provided a feature to collect convenience fee while user paying from my payments.
  • Added new pages for divisions, age groups, and sponsors in the website.
  • Added a new page under website settings to view all the website pages.
  • Provided a feature to update the privacy and priority settings of the website pages.
  • Provided an option to change the view of the website list pages.
  • A new feature is introduced to add top-level content (body header text) to the website pages.
  • Feature to update the details of the organization staff members and athletes.
  • Customization of the web page header layout is now possible.
  • Introduced a new feature to add documents in the member area.
  • Provided a feature to view the member documents in the organization staff and athlete list pages.
  • Introduced a new feature to add an organization athlete as the staff member.
  • Added website builder features page and integrations page.


  • Enhanced Thapos site home page presentation.
  • Added pagination for the organization athletes list page.
  • Enhanced program registration process.
  • Fixed issues related to team player availability reminder email.
  • Enhanced bulk upload feature.
  • Enhanced website list page presentation.
  • Enhanced team roster players section presentation.
  • Enhanced website visual And header settings.
  • Updated compare club/league software features page.
  • Fixed issues related to organization dashboard.
  • Added various validations and restrictions for program registrations.
  • Various presentation changes and bug fixes.

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