Release Notes

Release Notes – Feb 01, 2019


  • Added a new option fulfillment status to keep a track of the member program registrations and orders.
  • Allowing the organization staff members to update the registration fulfillment status in the ‘all registrations’ and ‘registration info (details)’ pages.
  • Allowing the organization admin(s) to contact the sportsplus support team for closing their organization account.
  • The users will be notified with the alert messages when they leave from the checkout pages.
  • The registration payment status is now displayed in the ‘all registrations’ page.
  • Allowing the organization staff members to customize the collection of convenience fee for the order items.
  • Allowing the organization staff to define a cutoff date & month to calculate the age of the athletes.
  • Based on the cutoff date & month, the athlete age is displayed in the ‘member activity’ & ‘registration info (details)’ pages.
  • Allowing the organization staff members to pay (on behalf of the athletes) for the program installments and placed orders from the ‘member activity’ page.
  • Allowing to perform various user actions for the placed orders in the ‘member activity’ page.
  • Added email space validations on the ‘organization signup’, ‘forgot password’ & ‘program signup’ pages.
  • Added the id column in all the list pages and provided relevant linking to it.


  • Enhanced the organization contact window on the sign up, login & forgot password pages.
  • Enhanced the presentation of the member orders exported data.
  • Multiple enhancements in the registration area and various bug fixes.
  • Enhanced mobile view presentation for the organization athletes.
  • Enhanced order items show page and order item lists show pages.
  • Enhanced presentation of the organization gallery and sponsors pages.
  • Fixed duplicate payment record issues.
  • Fixed multiple production exceptions and issues.
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes.

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