Release Notes

Release Notes – Dec 28th, 2018


  • Allowing organization members to send messages for the member orders dues.
  • Implemented scroll-based map display for fields on the website, with respect to the google maps.
  • Displaying map in the organization field show page based on the field location.
  • Added widget for the past games.
  • Allowing organization members to navigate to the website standings page from team schedule, scores & results, org team list & website teams pages.
  • Added new page to manage schedule seasons.
  • Allowing organization members to assigning teams to the divisions and age groups from divisions and age groups show pages.


  • Enhanced my teams page by merging org & my teams pages displaying family members teams. 
  • Enhanced game schedules by indicating teams as home, away & neutral on multiple schedule related pages. 
  • Enhanced subscribe calendar with respect to UI.
  • Enhanced the program registration process for the mobile pages.
  • Enhanced external integrations page.
  • Added navigation to the member activity page from multiple pages.
  • Enhanced schedule cancel modal window presentation.
  • Enhanced UI for the payments block. 
  • Enhanced age groups & divisions pages, by allowing to manage the list of teams included.
  • Fixed multiple issues in the Registrations and duplicate Reminder Email issues.
  • Fixed multiple Production and functionality issues.
  • Various Bug fixes and Enhancements.

Mobile App Features:

  • Family member switching – it’s easy now to switch between the family member accounts.
  • Provision to allow/restrict adding roster – from the admin area, it is now simple to allow/restrict access for making changes to the team roster.
  • Team communication – communicate with all the team members.
  • Update game scores – based on the organization admin league settings, the staff members & officials may now update the game scores that also updates the league standings.
  • Schedules on the dashboard – all the upcoming matches, practices & events are now displayed on the dashboard.
  • Upload profile picture – upload/change the profile picture.
  • Update game schedules – view and update team game schedules by team staff. view and update organization game schedules by organization staff.

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