Release Notes

Release Notes – Apr 7th, 2018


  • Introduced a new feature to display the league standings on the organization website.
  • Provided a new organization admin feature to manage the ordering preferences and settings of league standings.
  • The staff members are now allowed to update the scores for two organization teams (that have played each other) in a single update.
  • Introduced a new feature to display game conflicts of the organization fields.
  • A new feature is added to the organization that allows the staff members to assign athletes to the multiple teams at a time.
  • Added a set of default widgets to all system-provided organization website pages.
  • The custom fields now will be displayed in columns when you export organization programs data.
  • The order item instructions are now displayed on multiple pages (review & confirm, registration info, and payment confirmation).
  • Provided an option to view & export data (basic & extended) on multiple list pages of the organization.
  • The payment status is now displayed in a column when you export registration data.
  • Introduced a new feature that allows the coach to view all the feedback posted by him/her.
  • Provided an option to define the field suitable to match or practice or event or both.
  • A set of default custom fields are added to the organization that can be added to a program.
  • The organization staff members are now allowed to categorize the sent & received messages.
  • A new option is provided to link the existing users as the child users on the family members page.
  • Helpful tips are displayed in a text box at the bottom of the organization left navigation area.
  • A new page is introduced to display the unsettled credit card transactions.
  • Live chat box is added to the pricing pages of Thapos app & Help website.


  • Enhanced organization help linking feature & added new help links for few other pages.
  • Enhanced organization communication header & footer presentation.
  • Enhanced reset password & organization welcome message presentation.
  • Added more options in the website visual settings to update transparency and background color.
  • Enhanced organization athlete update info page in the athletes list page.
  • Enhanced organization signup process.
  • Fixed internal link conversion issues in WYSIWYG editor.
  • Added help texts in multiple pages.
  • Fixed various export & payment related issues.
  • Fixed issues in multi-kid registration.
  • Fixed various payment related issues.
  • Fixed various usability & page reload issues in organization.
  • Various presentation changes & bug fixes.

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