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How to add a program?
To create a new program, start by clicking on the “Add Program” from:
Add Program button on organization home page
Add program link on left pane under Programs
Step 1: Fill in the required details.

  • Program name- This is a unique field so keep in mind that you cannot create programs with the same name.
  • Program start date- Program start date must be earlier date to the End date. First, enter the program start date that you are planning.
  • Program End date-Program End date should be later date to the Program Start date.
  • Eligible- Born After and Eligible- Born Before are easy way to define the age limits for your programs. In two selections you can set the age group for the programs.
  • Eligibility Text- You can add pre-requisites to the program in order to inform Parents and Athletes about the pre-requisites before the registration.
  • You can opt if the program requires registration using Allow to register.

Thapos - Create Sports Program

  • Payment options – Gives you an option if you want to collect the payment in one installment or several installments and if it is an ongoing program then you can set the payments as monthly payments. Depending on your option you will find related fields to complete.
    For one installment you can fill in payment amount and due date and similarly you can fill in the payment amount and due dates for multi-installments option and monthly payment option.

THapos - Sports Organization - Payment
The section Registration option for Players/Parents is provided for you to add customized information that may help Players/Parents during registration. During registration you can opt to request for Parent Info Required, Medical Info Required and Athlete Info Required. Sports option is the list of sports so as to segregate the information. There is also an option to let your program be public or to restricted athletes only.

You can use this summary section to give more details of the program like venue, volunteers list, menu videos and photos.

How to add documents and what type of documents can be uploaded?
Once you click on the documents and waivers,
Step 1: Upload your program’s banner here so that it can be visible.
Step 2: Add documents and waiver

  • ‘Select document’ navigates you to the files so as to upload it.
  • The Document or Waiver name
  • Priority
  • Any important text in regard to the waiver
  • Check box

Your document or waiver is ready for display. You can either edit or delete the document or waiver.
Thapos - Sports Organization - Add Documentation

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