Account & Privacy Settings

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About My Sport:
Fill in the details of your role
Primary role: Enter your primary role whether it is an athlete, parent or a coach.
Secondary role: Enter your secondary role
Other Sports: Enter other sports you wish to learn and be a part of
Dominant Foot/Hand: Depending on the sport you play, mention your dominant foot/hand.
Next click on Save
Thapos - Sports Account & Settings
You’re account is ready with complete profile.
Create a unique password with minimum 6 characters to your account so as to prevent anyone from signing in.
You can update you’re profile password from time to time depending on the need. Once you change your password, an email will be sent to your registered email ID so as to verify the authentication.
How to change my password?
Step 1: Click on the settings icon which will navigate to a four options page.
Step 2: In the account operations option, you have the “Change Password”.
Next you will be navigated to a page “Change Password”
Current password: enter the password you have been using
New Password: Create your new password
Re-enter new password: re-enter your new password that you’ve just created
You just updated your account password.
If you haven’t changed your password, login to your account and change the password or contact us immediately.
Account Settings:
The Account settings has four options namely,

  •  Main Settings
  • Account Preferences
  • Communication Preferences
  • Account Operations

Main Settings:
Step 1. Click on the edit option in case you want to update your main profile.
Login is the username.
Change your primary sport if you wish to
Update your primary email address for further communication
Change your role and check mark accordingly
Next Click on “Update”

Account Preferences:
Give your preference to metric system by selecting either yes or no.
Opt to a time zone that is applicable to your region. If you don’t select any, we will update automatically using contact information provided.

Communication Preferences:
Update your mobile number to receive notifications and instant messages. First the number must be verified using the verification code sent.

Account Operations:
This includes changing of password which has been explained above.
You can update your personal details in the profile.
Delete Account: By clicking this, your personal account on Thapos will be deleted and all the information in regard to your sport.
Logout: By clicking this you will be logged out of the account
Privacy Settings:
This is to ensure your privacy and have some space for yourself.
How to change privacy settings:
Step 1. Click on Profile and select privacy settings.
Step 2. The page will be navigated to Profile-Privacy Settings:
Public Profile Status: This option makes your profile being viewed by others if you wish to. You can enable or disable it.

Mark ‘Yes’ to the information you wish to appear in your public profile:
Show Address: Your address can be viewed
Show Email: Your email can be viewed and used to contact
Show Phone Number: Your phone number can be viewed and messages can be sent
Show Social Media Profiles: If you’ve connected any of your social profiles like Facebook, twitter the information can be viewed.
Show Additional Contact Details: if any additional contact details are provided then that can be viewed.
Show Pictures: The pictures uploaded by you can be viewed
Show Videos: The videos uploaded by you can be viewed
Show Progress Reports: The progress reports of your sports can be viewed
Show matches: Your match dates can be viewed
Show Practice sessions: Your practice session dates, venues can be viewed
Show Current goals: Your present goals set can be viewed
Show Past goals: Your past goals that have been accomplished or not yet accomplished can be viewed
Show Athletic History: Your overall athletic history, rewards, awards can be viewed.
Show Thapos Profile: Your Thapos profile can be viewed
Allow and show public comments: The comments on your upload can be viewed.
These all can be viewed only if you permit by enabling the respective option.
Your personalized URL is available below to view your public profile once your privacy settings are updated.