Assigning staff members to a team.

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SportsPlus allows organization staff members to assign anybody, either an organization staff member, a parent, a volunteer, even a player, as a staff member of a  team. You can specify a role (Coach, Team Manager…) for each staff member of the team. The team staff members will have access to a team only and not the entire organization.

How to assign a staff member to a team?

To assign a staff member to a team, follow the below steps.

  • After logging into the SportsPlus application as an organization staff member, ensure that you’re in the organization area.
  • Click on Teams from the left navigation menu and click on Assign Players.
  • The following screen will be displayed.
  • Using the search options, select the desired members.
  • For example, to assign organization staff members to a team, select Organization Staff from the filter options available, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • A list of all the staff members of the organization will be displayed as shown below.
  • Next to the staff member that you want to assign to a team and mouse over +Staff, then the following screenshot will be presented to you with all the teams.
  • Click on the team you want to assign the staff member to, the staff member will be added to the team as team staff, and the following message will be displayed.
  • To know more information about assigning a staff member to a team, click here.

Note: You can also assign a staff member as team staff while adding them to the organization. To know more information about assigning a staff member while adding, click here.