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How to Register for a Program?

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If you’re an athlete or a parent looking to register for a program, then our step-by-step guide to register for a program will help navigate through each of the steps involved in the registration process.
To get started,

  1. Go to the organization public website.
  2. Click on the Programs tab or Registrations button and choose the desired program.
  3. Click on Register button.     

In order to complete the program registration, you are required to either create an account or sign in to your existing account.
Create an Account

To create a new account, provide the following details.

  1. Enter your email address.
    1. The email address entered here will be used for your account activation and all other future communication purposes.
  2. Confirm your email address by entering it again.
  3. Enter your first name & last name.
  4. Enter your password.
    1. It is recommended to use a mix of capital letters, small letters, numbers & special characters.
  5. Enter your date of birth.
  6. Enter captcha, so we know you are a human 🙂
  7. Please go through the privacy policy, terms & conditions to confirm your acceptance
  8. Click on Register.

Sign In

To sign in into your account,

  1. Enter your username/email address and password.
  2. Click on Login.

Note: If you face any troubles/issues while signing into your account, click on forgot password. An email will be sent to your registered email address with a link to reset your password.
Program Registration
After logging into your account, the registration process will start automatically. During the registration process you can register to multiple programs. Also, you can register multiple athletes.
During  the registration process you may be asked to enter parent details, athlete details, and parent details if paying online.
Let us discuss each of the step in the registration process in detail.

  1. Parent Info
    1. Provide your parent/guardian information.
    2. Enter name, phone numbers, and email addresses.                 
    3. Click on Save & Continue.
  2. Athlete Info – You may or may not be asked to enter some of the data based on the program requirements.
    1. Provide athlete or parent contact details.
    2. Enter the address.                                                                              
    3.  Enter your personal details and previous season/club/team information (if available).
    4. You can register more athletes under the “Register more athletes for more programs” section. 
      1. Select the existing athlete from the first dropdown and a program from the second dropdown. Click on Add.
      2. If you want to register more athletes for the same program or a different program, select <New Athlete> from the first dropdown, then select a program and then click on Add.
      3. Enter the new athlete details if <New Athlete> is selected.
      4. Click on Save & Continue. 

        • You can register upto 9 athletes.
        • For every new athlete, an account will be created automatically with the parent email address followed with an extension of ‘+tpsx’. Here, ‘x’ can be 1 to 9.
        • All the communication emails will be sent to the parent email address only.
        • Click on the icon to delete an athlete registration.
        • There should be at least one athlete registering to a program to continue with the program registration.
  3. More Info – Optional section based on the program settings.
    1. This step may or may not be included in the program registration process. It purely depends upon the type of information the organization is looking to collect from the program registrants.
    2. A set of custom-defined questions (at least 1) will be displayed.
    3. Provide your answers accordingly, and then click on Save & Continue.
      1. Example: Let us take the above image. There are a total of 5 custom questions displayed for the program registrants. The registrants are now required to answer each question based on their expertise and previous experience and then click on Save & Continue to continue with the program registration.
  4. Waivers –  Optional section based on the program settings.
    1. This step may or may not be included in the program registration process. It purely depends upon the program settings and if the program required to provide any  waivers related information or not. It can be also set to acquire the consent or acknowledgement from the registrants for each waiver. 
    2. Registrant can click on the document name to open it and read it.
    3. Depending on the program settings, the registrant may need to give the  consent by selecting the checkbox.
    4. Click on Save & Continue.
  5. Offers –  Optional section based on the program settings.
    1. This step is only included if there are offers associated with the program. If there are offers associated with the program, then the program registrants will be allowed to order items during the registration process.                                                                                                   
    2. Choose an item and provide the appropriate details as required
      1. For example, let us consider the above image. Select the size of the shoe & t-shirt and enter the product quantity & shoe design details.
    3. Click on Save & Continue.
      1. Example: Let us take the above image, the program registration includes two offers. The registrants can place the orders by providing the quantity and selecting the size of the shoe & t-shirt from the drop-downs. In addition, the registrants may also provide his/her specific requirements about the shoe design in the text box and then click on Save & Continue to continue with the program registration. 
  6. Review & Confirm
    1. Review all your information provided in the earlier steps.
    2. Enter discount coupon code (if any) and click on Apply.                
    3. Enter your name in the signature box to confirm your acceptance.
    4. Click on Confirm & Continue.
      1. Example: Let us take the above image, you can review all the details which you have entered in the earlier steps of the program registration. If you wish to change/modify any information, then click on the Back button to revisit the earlier steps. After reviewing the information, you can apply the discount coupon code (optional). Upon successful, the discount amount will be displayed as shown above. Enter your name in the signature text box to confirm your participation and then click on Confirm & Continue to proceed with the payment options.
  7. Payment – You may be provided with an option to pay the fee online.
    1. You can pay the program fee online.
    2. If you wish to pay the fee online, then
      1. Enter your Credit/Debit card details.
      2. The summary of total fee details will be displayed on the right side.
      3. Click on Place Order.
    3.  Depending on the program settings, if you want to pay the fee offline, then
      1. Click on I will pay with check, bank transfer… link 
      2. Select the checkbox to confirm that you’ll make the payment through offline.
      3. Optionally, enter the details on how you are going to pay..
      4. Click on Save & Continue.
  8.  Receipt
    1. On completing the payment transaction process, the application will show you the registration receipt.Note:
      • Do not use browser back button to go to the previous step.
      • Click on the Back button at the end of the page to go back to the previous registration step.

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