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How do the Athletes can Set the Profile Picture of their Thapos Account?

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Make your Thapos profile look perfect by setting the right profile picture from your smartphone. Here are the quick steps!

  • On your smartphone, open the browser and log in to your Thapos account.
  • Tap on the current profile picture (default is Thapos logo) located at the top-right corner as shown below.

  • Tap on the picture to reveal the Change Picture link.

  • Tap on the Change Picture > Select file.

  • Depending on your smartphone, tap Camera/Capture Image/Take a Picture to open your camera and take a new pic or tap Documents to open your gallery.

(Note: Depending on your browser, you may need to allow Thapos to access your camera.)

  • You may format the picture using the various formatting options provided by the editor.

(Note: To format the picture, you will need to tap on Enable to activate the editing options. You may disable it tapping on the Deactivate option.)

  • Tap Upload to save the picture as your profile picture.

  • High five! You have successfully uploaded your profile picture and the changes will take effect immediately.


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